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We specialise in extracting value from our clients' data.

We work with brands to increase revenues, margins and customers. We provide the tools & insight that you need to drive your business forward.

Whether you are looking to deliver growth, better target your marketing spend or increase customer conversion, call us today.

Aroxo goes to market through its three core brands of FeedSpark, AdVu and FeedHero.

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Key Aroxo group brands

  • Advantage in Ecommerce

    FeedSpark provides product-based marketing for online retailers.

    Our product feeds and PLA campaigns drive £ms of direct revenues for our clients each month whilst increasing customer interaction with brands.

    In addition we have a range of Affiliate Services to maximise the potential of your online channels.

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  • Video Ads done at Big Data Scale

    Turn any data stream into video ads in minutes

    Import products, gambling odds, financial data, anything you like, into our systems.

    Then choose your creative, design your niches and build huge numbers of video ads in minutes!

    AdVu - Find Out More

  • Self-service Feed Optimisation

    High-powered feed optimisation system

    FeedHero is the world's most powerful self-service feed optimisation system. Just import your product data to immediately start making fast high quality changes to your product data.

    Unlocking your data potential is fundamental to maximising your success.

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